How to be the Best Third Grade Student

Wise words and advice for future Grade 3 Students from 3WJ:

By Greer

  1. Do thinking that goes a bit beyond the expected grade 3 level ( deep level thinking).
  2. Quietly but quickly sit down on the mat while your teacher is counting down.
  3. Don’t talk while your teacher is.
  4. Don’t do troubling things, for you will get less time in free choice.
  5. Next try to be focused on lessons. Then you will get everything you need to do done.
  6. Listen carefully so you can finish the piece if work you’re doing.
  7. Don’t have a fixed mindset so that you don’t want to do anything. But try again with a growth mindset.
  8. If people are distracting you, just move away. If they follow you, just ignore them.
  9. Don’t play around and be silly in class.
  10. Don’t be exclusive to others. Be nice and inclusive and let them in your game.
  11. Be kind to your teacher and don’t let s/he send you to the office.
  12. Have positive thoughts, not negative ideas and rude comments.


By Linus

  1. When your teacher asks, sit down carefully so you don’t hurt yourself.
  2. Always be quick and try to always finish off your work.
  3. Go to the toilet at break time.
  4. Sit in your chair, so you don’t drop food.
  5. You have to have a piece of fruit at fruit break.
  6. Make sure you finish every thing so you can have free choice.
  7. Don’t treat each other like you are arch enemies.
  8. Don’t always have a fixed mind set instead, try believing that you can do it.
  9. Always bring back your multiplication home work so you earn teacher points.
  10. Last, but not least, be quiet while the teacher speaks.


Ten Ways to be the Best Grade Three Student Possible by Daniel

1. Quietly sit down on the mat while your teacher is counting down.

2. Do your work without rushing and LISTEN to your teacher.

3. Make sure people are behaving beyond the (whatever grade your in) standards.

4. Don’t mess up the timetables to 9:00-10:00 Coding, 10:00-11:00 Coding, 11:00-11:30 Coding, 11:30-1:00 Coding, 1:00-2:00 Coding, and 2:00-3:30 Coding. Even though I do like coding, still don’t.

5. When the teacher isn’t in the classroom, don’t go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as in breaking every thing)

6. Make sure you bring your library books back to the library once you’re done with them.

7. Finish your work before free choice, and DON’T lie to your teacher.

8. make sure other people do their work before they they have free choice

9. Don’t rip up all your assignments before the teacher gets to the classroom.

10. Make sure other people follow these instructions carefully.


By Jamie

  1. Sit down quickly and carefully, so you can get some teacher points.2. Always finish off your work in the time provided.3. Go to the toilet in your own time during snack and lunch.4. At fruit break, make sure you have a piece of fruit.5. Sit at your table while you’re eating lunch.

    6. Don’t have a fixed mindset and think you can’t do it.

    7. If your friend is upset, see if he or she is okay.

    8. Remember all your learning skills.

    9. If a friend needs help, give them help.

    10. Keep your spot tidy.


By India
1. When the teacher tells you to sit down on the mat, you sit down quietly and quickly.
2. Work with other students as a team if you are in groups or partners.
3. Don’t talk while your teacher is talking. Just sit still and put your hand up if you have a question.
4. Try not to get in trouble by listening quietly and thinking deeply.
5. If the teacher tells you to do something, stand up and do it.
6. Try to be on time as often as you can.
7. Don’t play around and be silly in class.
8. At lunch, be sensible, and do not go out the gate or inside the class.
9. Next to pay attention at all times.
10. If there’s a fire practice, do not play around and be silly. Just go to the basketball court.
11. Try your best with all your work.
10 ways to be the Best Third Grade Student by Tabi
1. Go beyond writing for grade three and speaking beyond why you think that and explain your ideas clearly.2. When your teacher says to sit on the mat, you should do it straight away.3. If you lose your trust license, you can not go on your iPad, so try not to by finishing your work.4. When you are in Grade 3, you have to remember to do your class jobs everyday without Whitney telling you.5. When Whitney tells you to be in a two straight lines, always do it.

6. Always be good if you are in Whitney’s class. Get your fruit and sit on the mat.

7. Don’t keep solving the brain teaser because Whitney will have to keep standing on a chair and put up a new one.

8. Don’t talk in class because Whitney will take points off.

9. If you want want a happy teacher, act like that you are not naughty.

10. Always behave in class if you have got Whitney.


By Silas

  1. Firstly, when Whitney tells you to put your stuff away and sit on the mat, quickly but quietly put your stuff away and simply sit down before she starts to count down.
  2.  When Whitney is talking, be quiet and listen very carefully or else you will have no idea what she’s was talking about.
  3.  If someone is distracting you, move away. If they come back, just ignore them.
  4.  When you’re in class, don’t ask Whitney to go to the toilet when you should have been at snack and lunch.
  5.  When it’s free choice, don’t just go on to free choice. Check if you have anything to finish off.
  6. If your teacher says do your work, don’t say, “I quit,” or “No.” Have a growth mindset.
  7.  When Whitney asks, “Is this your best work,” don’t lie. Tell the truth.
  8.  When you’re at specialists, still be on your best behaviour.
  9.  When you are finished, go get a book or write a story.
  10. Always remember to do your class jobs.


10 Ways to be the Best Third Grade Student Possible by Rhea

  1. When your teacher asks you to sit down, you need to sit down.
  2. Listen to your teacher when she asks you to do your work and do not backtalk.
  3. Never ever hit, punch or kick in class or Whitney will get angry.
  4. If you do something like solve the brain teaser, it will give the whole class a teacher point. When we get 100 teacher points, we get to do something of your choice.
  5. We have class jobs, so we all have a responsibility to help the class because then we don’t fight over jobs.
  6. If you do something silly, you will get a strike. If you lose 3, you aren’t allowed on the iPad until you do something good for the class.
  7. A growth mindset is when you are told to do work you don’t want to do, you don’t scream and shout. Instead, we try our best.
  8.  When we come in, do not jump up and down and lie on the floor. Instead sit down quietly or silent read.
  9. Try to be quiet as a mouse or your teacher will take free choice time off you.
  10. Try to be kind to your classmates and teacher.

3WJ Explanation Writing

At the start of Term 4, 3WJ began learning about the genre of explaining. We have identified cause and effect relationships and how to order an explanation so that it makes sense. We originally practiced explaining our unique inventions that we drew diagrams of and wrote a full explanation for.


This week, we have been looking at scientific explanations. We have carried out a few small science experiences in class that we have written about. On Monday, we observed raisins in soda water (dancing raisins), the effects of soft drink on copper pennies, and the physical evidence of how a paper towel works.


Dancing Raisins – by Otto

When you do this experiment, you will find the raisins will drop to the bottom. This is a result of their density, but because raisins are rough and dented, they are full of air pockets. Next the air pockets attract CO2 gas in the liquid, creating the little bubbles you see on their surface. These bubbles increase the volume of the raisin, but contribute little to its mass. Because the raisin has higher volume, it displaces more fluid, applying force that pushes the raisin up. When the raisin hits the surface, some of the bubbles pop, and the raisin sinks again. The process is repeated, making it look like the raisins are dancing.


Dancing Raisins – by Jaimie
As we observed the ‘dancing’ raisins, we noticed the sultanas sink to the bottom. This is caused by the mass of the raisins pulling down on the carbon dioxide gas. It is similar to if you get a prep to hold a grade twelve, the prep is too light, and the grade twelve is too heavy. As a consequence, the prep falls down.

This is occurring simultaneously to the other raisins being pumped
with air pockets and lofting up to the surface then coming back down.
We see these bubbles are increasing the volume of the raisins,
but they still contribute very little to it’s mass because it’s the oxygen
that’s making it expand.

In the end, we see this wonderful experiment as dancing raisins. So now you can do this yourself and know how it works! Thank you for reading!


pennies photo-houltham-499_037_767-051006

Cleaning Pennies – by Isaac

Firstly if you put dirty pennies in some cola, it will dissolve the dirt on the pennies. But finally to tell you how the dirt got there. So the pennies are made out of copper. Copper has a reaction to air
that makes copper oxide (the dirt we see on the pennies) which is reacted on when the pennies are in soda.


Cleaning Pennies – by Olivia

Do you wonder if the pennies in soda trick actually works? Here’s your answer. You need to know how the pennies get dull in the first place. Well all pennies have copper in them. When the copper meets the air, it reacts. It causes copper oxide to form on the pennies which makes them look dull.

After that, you would want to know if pennies actually get shinier if you put them in soda, and incredibly they do! Here’s why: soda has an acid in it called phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid dissolves copper oxide. So finally when you put the pennies [ covered in copper oxide ] in the soda, the phosphoric acid dissolves the dulling copper oxide so the pennies look shinier.


Paper Towel Art – by Jayden

When you put the ice cube on the paper towel, it starts to melt.The paper towel is getting soaked. That’s because the water is being absorbed. The spread of liquids happens through small gaps in the paper towel. Then the paper towel is spreading water that likes to stick together, like when you pull someone up and then they pull you up. The ice had to melt to make the colour spread everywhere. I put purple, but as the water spread it had pink and blue.

jayden-1 jayden-2


Paper Towel Art – by Orla

First the ice cube will slowly melt and turn into water. After that, the water will be absorbed gradually into the paper towel, and it will very slowly spread across the paper towel. It will then soak though, and then it makes a pattern and swirls of colour by picking up the dye from the texta and mixing it with other colours.

orla orla-2


Paper Towel Art – by Mardi

When the ice cube melts, the paper towel absorbs it. Next the paper towel has holes that let gases and liquids through. Finally in the end, water likes to stick together, like pulling each other up a ladder, and that’s what happens. The water sticks to the paper towel, and as the water comes in, it pulls its buddy along. This causes the water to go further up the paper towel which is why the colours all mix together.

mardi-1 mardi-2

3D Objects

3WJ has started back to school in Term 4 by investigating 3D objects. We have used our mathematical vocabulary to categorise objects according to their features and created models and described them using our geometric language.


We used the Construction Thinker’s Key to build a model of a 3D object using 12 toothpicks and 8 joiners, which we used plasticine for.


Here are some of our models and their descriptions:


marianna by Marianna: My rhombus based prism has 8 vertices, 12 edges, and 6 faces. It has a rhombus base.


jamie By Jamie: This 3D object has 7 vertices, 12 edges and 1 apex.


olivia-2 olivia-1 By Olivia: It has two triangle faces, eight vertices and twelve edges. But it does not have any apexes. The base is a pentagon.


david by David: My shape is a triangular based prism.


otto by Otto: My object is a cube. It has 6 faces (all square), 12 edges, 8 vertices, and a square base. It has no curves and does not have an apex.

3CW Camp Reflections

I used to think the photo trail wouldn’t be fun.

Now I think it is really fun because you got to see lots of places around the camp.


I used to think that I would be in a cabin with all my friends.

Now I think I that I have made so many better relationships with almost everyone in both classes.

Louis W

I used to think I would not like camp because I had a broken elbow.

Now I think camp was a lot better than I thought even I had a broken elbow because I did a lot of the fun things with my friends.


I used to think that I was bad at archery.

Now I have experienced it, I think I am pretty good.


I used to think the drive would be very bad and boring.

Now I think the bus ride is entertaining seeing all the cars parked under the bridge and listening to Whitney and all her crazy stories of when she was in America.


I used to think the night walk would be bad because I don’t like walking at night.

Now I think the night walk was good because you get to look at lots of different animals in the dark and it was exciting.


I used to think that the meals were not homemade and they would be quite disgusting.

Now I think that the food was so delicious and I always looked forward to meal times.

Lily Flo

I used to think I would hate camp because it would be three days without my iPad.

Now I think it was fun away from my iPad.


I used to think the sandcastle competition would be boring.

Now I think as I helped out with Sand City!!!!!!!!! Which had four islands, it was so fun!





Camp Summaries

Last week held one of the most highly anticipated events of the year: school camp!


Camp fun in Angahook! by Mardi

For Grade Three Camp, we went to Angahook. 3RK and 3SD went from Monday to Wednesday, and my class and 3CW went Wednesday to Friday.

On the way we stopped at Rippleside Park and Urqhart’s Bluff. At Rippleside park, we stopped for snack, and we also got our camp books there. In our camp books it said who was in our activities group. At Urqhart’s Bluff, we stopped for lunch.

Day 1: My group did Archery and Photo Trail. In the Photo Trail, you would go around the camp and look for the picture on your card. Once you found it, you got another card, etc.

Day 2: We went to the beach and found four starfish and a couple crab legs. We also had a sandcastle competition. That night we watched Oddball, the movie.

Day 3: My group did Low Ropes and Hut Building, but it was too wet for hut building so we played games. Later that day we got on the bus and went home.


What I Liked About Camp by David

I really loved Archery – 100%.

I really liked the bunk rooms. I don’t like sleeping down on the bottom bunk, so I went on the top. I had a lot of friends staying in my bunk room.

Even the sandcastle competition was fun. I worked with my best friend.
The games room was so fun. I really enjoyed it.

I even loved the hot dogs. I ate 4. That is so many hot dogs. At dinner on Day 1, three boys had three bowls of  spaghetti bolognese.

I did not like the room inspection.


Camp 2 grade 3WJ & 3CW by Greer

On the 7th, 8th & 9th of September, grade 3WJ and 3CW went on camp to Anghook Holiday Camp. We arrived in the afternoon. We all did two activities. My group did Archery and Photo Trail. I was in a group with Nina, Orla, Audrey, Maggie, Isaac, Harry, Nathanuel and Louis W. We all had fun.

We had cabins with bunk beds. In my bunkroom, we all got to sleep on the top bed. I slept in a room with Marley, Tabi, Lola, Rhea and Anastasia. We had room inspections and always scored very highly because we worked together as a team.


Camp by Jaimie
At seven o’clock in the morning and at seven at night, we had room inspection. Room inspection is when your whole cabin tidies your bunk room. When our teachers (Whitney,Felicity & Kate) come in, they look around the cabin and give you points for how clean it is. One of the things we lost points for was the shoes out the front. Our cabin tidied them up so we got some bonus points. My cabin friends were Lily, Olivia, Nicky, Nina, Ivy and Maggie.

At Angahook, the food was delicious. Every morning we had toast, cereal, juice and water. The duty groups would set it up. Duty groups is a job that your whole cabin is assigned to do, and it includes setting the table and tending to the people on their table’s needs. It also includes cleaning up afterwards. For morning tea, we usually had a piece of fruit, cordial, water and a muffin or biscuit. For lunch, we had hotdogs on the beach for the first day and salad sandwiches on the second. For afternoon tea, we had a biscuit, a piece of fruit, cordial and water. Finally for dinner, we had three course meals. On the first night, we had tomato soup, Spaghetti Bolognese and Frog in the Pond. On the second, we had chicken noodle soup, chickadees with mashed potatoes and corn, and
chocolate mousse.

I had the best time I could ask for.


In coming… Camp! by Jamie
On the bus, we had two stops: one for snack and one for lunch. The first stop was at Geelong. The second stop was at Urqharts Bluff. Everyone had tons of fun.
The first thing that we did was get into our bunks. Everyone chose the top bunks, so I had to have the bottom bunk. Then we went to the giant chessboard and met the staff and went to our first activities in our groups. My first activity was archery.

On the first night we went on a night walk and learnt about night animals, and the people who took us were from Ecologic. They also told us about under water animals at the beach, and then we had a sandcastle competition.

That night we watched the movie Oddball, and it was really funny. There was also a games room that had a table tennis table where I really liked to play.


Ping pong 🏓–🏓 by Isaac

One of the best things about Angahook Camp was the Ping Pong game because I was the champion at it. The other games I played were Giant Ping Pong, Sting Pong and normal Ping Pong with Jamie. Also we played ‘Don’t drop the ball’ as well.

Line Breaks in Poetry by 3WJ

At the start of our Poetry Unit, we investigated how and where line breaks should fall in a poem. We all had a go writing a short descriptive paragraph (or a really long descriptive sentence) about a dark and scary forest. After a period of writing time, we then went back and revisited our ideas and broke it into a poem format by putting in the line breaks. We experimented with lines of longer and shorter lengths before settling on our poem.


These are some of the first poems we wrote independently.


The Freezing Forest by Daniel

Silence falls over the whole forest,
Wisps of fire crackling at a distance,
The howl of a wolf echoing
Through the ancient trees,
Shadows passing by from the midst of nowhere,
The trees rustling all over the forest,
A cold wind covering the entire forest,
Graves of everyone who came into the forest,
Snow gliding over,
And footsteps coming closer from all around you,
And bloodcurdling screams
Only people who enter
Hear in the starless night,
It is pitch black,
There’s nothing you can see,
No light coming from anywhere.


The Dark Scary Snowy Night by Orla

Snow falling gently,
As soft as a feather.
A howl from a wolf
Growled throughout the forest.
The moonless night
Was dark like a wolf’s pupils.
It was so dark and cold.
I lost my family.
I was tired
So I softly sunk in the snow
As I fell asleep.


A Very Dark and Scary Forest by Isaac

A winters day at this forest,
Which is somewhere but nowhere.
It’s uncontrollable snow formed into
A crystallised
Crop circle
That brushed against
The snow covered trees,
And the trunks of them were black,
Like space and time where nothing happens.


Night Time by Greer

On a dark and stormy night,
I was out in the forest.
There was no one out except me.
It was so windy.
I thought one of the trees might blow over.
I was alone,
Not a sound to be heard
Except for the stirring of the birds.
My backpack getting caught
In the branches all the time
So I ducked so my bag wouldn’t get caught again.


Mine by Silas

Every step I took
There was a crack or creak.
As the snow trickled down the tree.
A wolf pack appeared
In front of me.
As that happened,
The branches looked like skeletons.
The second I looked up
I found the sky clear.
The wolves growled
So I took zero chances
Of getting killed.
My heart beating faster than ever,
I shivered as if I was in Antarctica.
So I ran.


Forest by Rhea

The cold freezing forest
Seemed scarier than ever.
I walked through the forest.
I stared at what looked like a witch
And a bush that looked like a ghost
Trying to eat you.
It was not pleasant.
It looked like the forest
Was trying to kill you
And everything around you.

Students’ Personal Definitions of Community by 3CW

A community is something that stands beside you and helps you make things that you love.  Maggie

People that share the same interests and live in the same area. Audrey

Community is a group of people that work together. Felix

A community is where people are by your side and share interests and values. Marley

Community means all the people around you and support you. Nina

A community is where you catch up with people and express your ideas. Lola

A community is an area where people join together and share values and interests. Lily Flo

A community is a group of people that have a connection and stand beside you no matter what. Ivy

A community is a connection that you have with people around you.  Louis R

Marvellous Melbourne City Tour!

As part of our studies on Marvellous Melbourne, we got to choose an important site to research and learn more about. We researched the history of the place and learned some interesting facts that we could use in a “tour guide” speech about our location. Read below to see a few of our speeches!

Victorian Parliament Building

By: Isabelle and Jaime



Good afternoon 3SD, I would like to tell you all about where I make all the hard decisions. Parliament Building is located on Spring Street in Melbourne. It was built in 1855 by Peter Kerr, John George Knight and Charles Pesly.

Here are some fascinating facts about Parliament Building:

Number 1. It was the site of Victoria’s first legislative council.

Number 2. The started construction in 1855 but it is still not complete to this day!

Number 3. It was designed with a twenty story dome that has still never been built.

Number 4. One Of Melbourne’s greatest known landmarks is the Parliament Building!

Thank you for listening.

ANZ Gothic Bank Speech


By: Athan and Adam

Welcome to the ANZ Gothic Bank. It is a Bank-Museum which has been a 3 floor residence for Sir Verdon who was a former politician. It was built in 1883 and completed in 1887. It was designed by William Wardell and based on Venetian style buildings. It has been voted Number 1 in Victoria’s favourite buildings. We hope you have a nice day.

Eureka Tower


By: Abyan and Sadie

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Today we are going to talk about the Eureka Tower. Did you know that the purpose of the Eureka Tower is so people can see and enjoy the beautiful sight of Melbourne from the lookout deck? The address of the Eureka Tower is 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank. The Eureka Tower was built 10 years ago in 2006 by Nonda Katsilidis. The Eureka Tower is 300 meters or 984 feet tall. It has 91 stories and 1 floor underground.

Term 3 News from 3WJ

Term Three News by India and Jaimie

In class, we have a new student, called Fiona. She is from Finland, and she speaks Swedish. She loves gymnastics and chocolate. She is very funny and a great role model for kids who move schools late in the year. It was easy for her to find friends from the day she started. She used to live in Sydney, Australia, and now she has come back to Melbourne. She’s very sporty and loves to try new things.

All of our grade is exited about going to Camp, and we can’t wait to do all the fun activities. We already know who we want to share bunks with, but none of us are excited about the long drive! However, we hope it’s not that long!


Term 3 News by Marianna

What 3WJ is looking forward to:
We are looking forward to camp in September and ACMI in August.

What’s new in class:
We have a new student, called Fiona, and she is from a different country that’s not Australia. She has short blonde hair.

Stuff we’re learning:
Angles and Lines
Reading Nonfiction texts


News by Linus

On Monday, a new student joined our class. Her name is Fiona. She is from the Northern Hemisphere in Finland. She is here in Australia for 1 year. Fiona mainly speaks Swedish, but she learns English.


News from Otto and Jamie

In class, we have been learning about angles. There are 3 types of angles: right angles, obtuse angles, and acute angles.

We have also been reading non-fiction texts and looking for different parts of them. For example, we look at text structures and features.

Finally, we have been observing biographies and looking at what information they contain to add to our own biographies. We have found out that they always have birth date, death date, and job.

In Genius Hour, we come up with a question and find out about it. We figure out if questions are Googleable or Nongoogleable.

We can’t wait to complete all of these activities.


Blog News by Olivia and Tabi

This term we are starting a thing called Genius Hour. It is where we do things related to Google and our interests. We do it every Thursday morning. Last time, we sorted questions into Googleable and Nongoogleable.


We really enjoy doing this because it relates to our interests. Of course we like our interests because they are OUR interests. It’s a great way for us to learn about and use Google. It’s important to think about that kind of stuff so we know how to use it.


Describing Australian Landscapes

3WJ has been brushing up on their descriptive writing skills. We are in the midst of drafting and publishing a descriptive text about an unusual pet that combines all of our descriptive writing strategies.


One of the writing strategies we practised was using the adjective, adjective noun pattern to enhance boring sentences. Using photographs of Australian landscapes, we put our skills to good use. Please enjoy some of our samplings below:



The foamy, white waves crash while the glittering, sapphire water reflects the aqua blue sky. Crisp, white sand swirls with the ocean currents and tide. The wet waves of the water catch your fingers. The smell of salty water and fish rises to the top, and the salty sea smells. – By Daniel


The sapphire-blue, salty, foamy, corundum-like water forms around the island like a swirling barrier as if they are having a war for who
has the most land. The remote thin line of sand separates the deep blue sea from the emerald green trees. It is all complemented by the peaceful and silent sound of the seagulls flapping their soft, slick wings elegantly above the sound of a gentle breeze and tide of thin foam. – By Isaac



The water crawls over the shore to get the fire-red, spotty rocks wet. There is deep water over the moss covered rocks. The fantastic, colourful sky is blue and white, and there is a green, tree covered island. There are also blue rocks. – By David


The glittering, aqua sea reflected the baby blue morning sky with the fiery moss covering the flat rocks. At the sea shore, the ocean lapped at the shoreline, and the clouds as white as paper in the sky floated past the soft green hills. – By Jamie


Brighton Bathing Boxes which have been part of the beach landscape for over 100 years

The bathing houses stood on the open beach with the great blue sea washing up. A rainbow of colours was splashed on the beach boxes. The smell of salty seawater swirled in the air. The smell of freshly washed towels filled the beach boxes. The call of seabirds filled my ears. The greatest roar of the waves beat against the shore. I felt the wet sand in between my bare toes. As soon as the seabirds saw me, they immediately flew away. – By Greer



The bright, golden sun reflected on the turquoise blue water thrashing and tumbling in the bay while the rocky mountains stood at the end of the crescent shaped beach. The mountains whispered and worried each other nervously, like they have been sneaky and wandering around. All you could hear was the crash and tumbling of the waves. The jewel waves swirled side to side. – By Rhea



The lapis lazuli blue sky made the mountains look like shadows in the sky. Magnificent emerald green grass stood by an ocean of cheerful metallic flowers. The gentle, rolling hills are just a blur in the hazy, distant sky. The hills look like waves in the distance. The gentle wind made the plants dance. – By Linus



The splashing speedy boats rocked and sped under the crystal blue fluffy clouds. They passed the city with lots of tall buildings and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The boats sailed across the shimmering sapphire ocean. The flapping fluttering army of sails flew in the wind. The ropes snapped as the wind changed direction. The big city disappeared into the distance as the boats sailed. The elegant, splashing water sprayed in the wind. – By Mardi



The mild, wispy heat swept across the landscape like a broom and mop sweeping up a huge mess. The wild, crispy rock just stood there whilst the wind blew and the agile, green grass swayed from side to side. I noticed at the corner of my eye a mob of kangaroos elegantly hopping across the plains. I smelt the rancid, ruby red rocks as they all stood up as tall as the sky. I felt the boiling hot weather burn my skin like the hot rays of the sun. I tasted the air as it drifted slowly to my tongue.
I hear the galloping, calling kangaroos as if they’re trying to talk to me. Snakes slithered across the landscape like cheeky churning stowaways. The ruby red, crimson rocks stained my eyesight. – By Jaimie



The whispering, shallow water echoed as the thud of the clambering camels’ charcoal hooves pounded against the crunching sand. The shadowing, pearl clouds shutting off the view of the shivering, lilac sky. Carefully a young, twitchy camel bent down. She peered at her finest reflection and looked the other way.

Below the glittering, misty clouds, there was a distant, vibrant, shimmering, radiation of light coming from the sinking sun. The cursed camel bent down even further and breathed in the smell of seaweed as it tasted the salty, shallow water. She heard the crash of stinging, clear waves. Immediately, the water trickled back from the tide and back into the ocean. – By Olivia