2D Shapes By 3CW

Programming the Sphero by Freddie and Rufus

In Mathematics we have been learning about 2D shape. We used a Sphero which is a robotic ball to make shapes. We programmed it using an app called Blockly. Kate gave us the challenge to program it so that it made a square. We knew that a square has four equal sides and angles which are all 90 degrees. Here is our algorithm.

square code

Shapes in the Real World by Lily Flo

In class we had to pick five shapes and then research where you can find them in nature and man-made objects. We had to label their properties and make a poster. We used our iPads and did some App Smashing! This means we used several apps together to make a project. First, we used Chrome to find the images on the internet, then we cropped them using the camera app and labelled them using Book Creator. Finally, we brought it all together in Pic College and added the title and our name.

real world


Bee Bots by Cecily

This term we got  the opportunity to use the Bee Bots. A Bee Bot is a robotic bee that you can program using an algorithm. A group was chosen the program it into a square. You had to think of some directions to make the square and if it didn’t work you had to problem solve to come up with a solution. Here is my algorithm.

Bee Bot

Polygons by Audrey

In class we have been drawing polygons that were all 8cm squared. First we counted 8 squares. Then we used a ruler to draw the shapes. Finally, we had to write the name of the shape. I learnt that a shape can look different but it is still, for example, an octagon it just means it is irregular.