Last Friday we went to the multipurpose room because we had an incursion about resilience.

The guy’s name was Hugh but he called himself ✋‘Huge’!

He talked about how to be happy and being grateful for what you have. He told us some funny stories. He also talked about the people who live in India. In India, lots of the kids that go to school don’t have a house or a family. They feel very, very happy though. This made us feel grateful.

The stories he told us were actually pretty funny. He said that lots of kids are called Stunzen so he had to say ‘Don’t do that Stunzen’ ‘ Good boy Stunzen’ ‘It’s a nice day isn’t it Stunzen?’. One day he met a kid that wasn’t called Stunzen. He was called BIG BOSS. Every lunch time the kids ate rice. I actually like rice so I think that would be quite yummy. They had to walk for four hours to get water and then boil it before they could drink it.

If I lived in India I would miss my dog. Jason would miss his Dad. I’m pretty happy in my life. Things that make me happy are spiders, looking at them in the garden and picking them up. Sometimes I have happy tears just looking at them. Sometimes when Jason is sad he grabs his toy turtle called Turty and cuddles him until he feels better.

by Sol and Jason

Colour, Symbol, Image Thinking Routine to summarise our big ideas 


Organising our ideas using Hexagonal Thinking by Lola

On Wednesday we did a  hexagonal thinking tasks the help organised our ideas. We brainstormed the  information and wrote down key words on the hexagons. Then organised them by joining the sides together to link our ideas.

RH Hex Thinking

4 C’s Thinking Routine

At school, we did a thinking routine about the Resilience Project. We had a piece of paper with 4 boxes labeled connections, challenge, concepts and changes. In the connection box we had to write how we connected to the talk and our own lives. In the challenge box we had to write what we wanted to challenge or argue. In the concept box we had to write what we thought the key concepts were from the talk. In the changes box we had to write how our thinking has changed since the talk. We really enjoyed this task because it made our brains work hard.

By Audrey and Anastasia


3WJ The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

As Term 1 wrapped up, we put our persuasive writing to the test and held a trial. Everyone knows the story of the Three Little Pigs, but we read a text with a different perspective and practiced our convincing arguments.


Jury Members

by Marianna

In 3WJ, our class did a trial for the True Story Of The Three Little Pigs. First we read the book, and then as a table group, we put sticky notes on a piece of paper that shows ideas of how the wolf is innocent or guilty . After we were put into 3 groups: Guilty lawyers , Innocent lawyers and Jury. I was a jury member. I was with: Greer, Otto, Tabitha and David.

All of us made a rubric to tick off if they used interesting persuading techniques. On Tuesday, our class did the real thing and had the actual trial. As a jury member, we all together decided that the guilty side won the trial. We made that answer because they put a lot of persuading technique in their text!


The Trial of the Wolf

by David
On Tuesday in 3WJ, I was a jury member and wrote a rubric about what the Lawyers said.
I listened to the argument to decide if the Wolf was innocent or guilty. We decided he was guilty.


The Trial of the True Story of the Three Little Pigs

by Jaimie

In class we read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and we had a Visual Tug of War where we had to make notes about if the wolf was innocent or guilty. Then we were split into 3 groups of either jury members, prosecutors or defence lawyers and had a look at our side of the Tug of War. After that, we split the side into three reasons and wrote a persuasive text about the best ideas that would get the wolf out of the situation or get him sent to jail. I was on the prosecution side, therefore I wanted the wolf to go to jail.

Finally the jury members would decide which were the best ideas of whether the wolf is innocent or guilty. At the end of the trial, the jurors made their decision of guilty. The wolf will go to jail!


The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

by Mardi
Before we started the trial, we read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Then we went to our tables and wrote down on sticky notes all the reasons for the Big Bad Wolf being innocent and guilty. After we wrote one, we would stick them on the guilty side if it was saying that the wolf was guilty. If we were complaining that the wolf is innocent, we would put it on the innocent side.

Preparing for the trial:
When we started the trial, we were put into groups: the guilty lawyers, the innocent lawyers and jury members. I was in the guilty group with Jaimie, Rhea, Daniel and Linus. After we were put into groups, we got all the sticky notes from the guilty side of the sheet and grouped them as reasons. We wrote down on a sheet three reasons and six examples, and we chose a paragraph and wrote it on our iPads.

The trial:
When we started the trial, the innocent side read their persuasive text first, then we did.The jury went outside to discuss who won. It turned out that my team won.



by Olivia
On Tuesday, we had a trial of the Three Little Pigs. We had started it late last week. First, we read the book The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs. Then to make a Visual Tug of War, we took information from the book, and together as a table, we came up with reasons for why the wolf could be either guilty or innocent.

The next day we got put into groups. I was on the the lawyers of the innocent team. We took the reasons from the Visual Tug of War (reasons on the innocent side, of course) and separated them into individual groups that relate to each other.

We chose our best three reasons and planned the persuasive text. Each reason would be a whole paragraph – each paragraph had one main reason and a few examples. Also the introduction had a hook and opinion, and the conclusion had the same. Then each person got a paragraph and typed it down on their iPad.

Finally on Tuesday, each team of lawyers read their persuasive text out. The jury had a discussion, and the decision was made. Sadly the guilty side won!


The Trial of the Wolf Summary

by Isaac
We wrote real reasons why the wolf was guilty or innocent on sticky notes and put them on the board for the Visual Tug of War. Then we got sorted into groups of innocent and guilty or a jury member. If you were a lawyer of innocent or guilty, you had to sort the statements into groups of the reasons that are similar.

After that, we could choose the reaons that are powerful and put them on the planning document. Then we could choose one to write on our own I-pad and read it to jury. After the 2 sides have read their persuasive arguments, the jury will decide whether the innocent or the guilty side won the argument.