When Third Graders Rule the World

As a conclusion to all our persuasive writing efforts, 3WJ was asked to consider a law or rule they would like to create. They drafted their texts in an effort to convince others to agree with their beliefs on how the wold we live in should be governed. When Third Graders rule the world, these are the kinds of things we have to look forward to:


No Swearing at Children by Tabi
Bad, rude and terrifying. You should agree that grown ups should never swear in front of kids at school and home (or anywhere).

It is not ok to swear. You are producing a bad model for children. If your children hear you swear, they will also do so as adults. Swearing is very rude.

You do not swear in front of people in your community or society. It is bad enough to swear in front adults. Even worse, security do it. So why do human beings swear at young kids?

Children should be kept away from access and exposure to swearing.They should also not be in places where they could overhear bad language. Children should not hear people swear. It is BAD, BAD, BAD!!!

Surely now you will agree that it should be forbidden to swear in front of children.


Refugees by Rhea

Did you know what happens to the refugees? They are stuck in a house on an island far away. That is cruel. I believe refugees should not go to detention centres.

If we let the refugees in straight away, the people who look after the refugees don’t have to sail miles to give them food and water which they desperately need. It would be much less stressful.

We should treat them like we get treated. How would you feel if you were stuck in your house and never allowed out?… Horrible. The golden rule is to treat people like you want to be treated. When refugees are not treated the right way, it is not the gold rule.

The refugee families are split up, and that’s not right. Dads are away from the kids. It just makes everything sad and lonely.

People of Australia, most of us came as immigrants to this country. Let’s remember how hard it is to find a new home. Surely now you will never put another person in a detention centre.


Enter Australia Freely by Otto

Do you know what happens to asylum seekers when they enter Australia? They get put in a detention centre, which is like a prison for asylum seekers. Did you know only 15% of asylum seekers get away? This is why I believe Asylum seekers should enter Australia freely!

As I mentioned earlier, when asylum seekers enter Australia, they get put in a detention centre. A detention centre is prison which asylum seekers get put in just for trying to enter Australia. The problem with the detention centre is that it is not a quarter as good as a normal house. The beds are bad. The food is bad. EVERYTHING is BAD!

Another reason is that asylum seekers almost always come to Australia because their country/continent is having a war/battle. In addition, they might be hurt or sick. Going to a place with bad food and no medical treatment won’t help.

My final reason is that when asylum seekers go to a detention centre, they get separated from their children! This is bad because: 1. The kids won’t know what to do without their parents and 2. The parents will get worried about the kids and the kids will get worried about the parents. That will make the parents and the kids sad. Sometimes, the cells aren’t even near each other!

Surely now you believe asylum seekers should enter Australia freely! If we work together, we can stop asylum seekers being put in detention centres!


Age Limits in Pubs by Jayden and Silas

7 out of 9 people say there should limits at pubs for how old you have to be before you can do anything there. I surely believe that we should demand limits for kids going into pubs.

Pubs are full of adults swearing. If kids are around, they might overhear and pick up bad language. A recent survey found 85% of pubs have swearing in them.

Kids might also find stuff they can not have. Things like wine and beer are not okay for kids and are easily found in pubs. If someone was smoking, kids could pickup a cigarette and get very sick or ill.

Crowded pubs could cause kids to get hurt. For example, they could be bumped or pushed. Sometimes there are fights, and kids might be in the way.

Join us to keep kids safe and out of trouble. Surely now you believe there should be an age limits on bars.


Equality for Women by Marianna

Have you ever noticed that when you are out at a shopping centre and you want to buy clothes that a girls leggings cost more? That is totally unfair. Well I’m here to change that. I strongly believe that women should be treated equally.

Women have the same rights as men. They should not have to pay more. For example , men’s tops cost $30.00 and women’s tops cost $35.00. Fair? I think not. In addition, 86% of mothers are feeling stressed out that they can’t just pay the same money as men do for similar products.

Men are not higher or greater than women… And we are all human beings!!!
If everyone enjoys the same rights, we can treat each other with respect.

My last reason is that some women actually do better jobs than men. For example, you men mostly do jobs on computers. I know a company that only 1 woman participates in. So what! Women can do that to, and they would do better work. Women are in the army doing nursing and saving men’s lives! Women are more organised than men and are better at looking after children.

Now surely you agree with me that we are all equal. People of the world, lets work together and have respect to women.


Stop Robbers by Orla

Did you know that 50 out of 100 houses have been robbed before? So that’s why I strongly believe people should NOT steal stuff from other peoples’ houses.

Some people don’t have insurance and have to pay for everything that got stolen. If you get robbed, call the police straight away because the police can catch them. If people rob stuff, they will become a little mean.

Would you like it if you went to jail? Probably no! So don’t do it. You will make other people upset if you steal things, and that’s just mean.

Stealing just comes with discomfort. You would feel annoyed if someone has stolen something that belongs to you.

Thank you for reading this. Surely now you believe that people should not steal stuff from other peoples’ houses.

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  1. Great work Grade 3! Looks like the world will be a better world when it is ruled by Third Graders! Love reading them all!
    Mildred (Jayden’s Mum)

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