Describing Australian Landscapes

3WJ has been brushing up on their descriptive writing skills. We are in the midst of drafting and publishing a descriptive text about an unusual pet that combines all of our descriptive writing strategies.


One of the writing strategies we practised was using the adjective, adjective noun pattern to enhance boring sentences. Using photographs of Australian landscapes, we put our skills to good use. Please enjoy some of our samplings below:



The foamy, white waves crash while the glittering, sapphire water reflects the aqua blue sky. Crisp, white sand swirls with the ocean currents and tide. The wet waves of the water catch your fingers. The smell of salty water and fish rises to the top, and the salty sea smells. – By Daniel


The sapphire-blue, salty, foamy, corundum-like water forms around the island like a swirling barrier as if they are having a war for who
has the most land. The remote thin line of sand separates the deep blue sea from the emerald green trees. It is all complemented by the peaceful and silent sound of the seagulls flapping their soft, slick wings elegantly above the sound of a gentle breeze and tide of thin foam. – By Isaac



The water crawls over the shore to get the fire-red, spotty rocks wet. There is deep water over the moss covered rocks. The fantastic, colourful sky is blue and white, and there is a green, tree covered island. There are also blue rocks. – By David


The glittering, aqua sea reflected the baby blue morning sky with the fiery moss covering the flat rocks. At the sea shore, the ocean lapped at the shoreline, and the clouds as white as paper in the sky floated past the soft green hills. – By Jamie


Brighton Bathing Boxes which have been part of the beach landscape for over 100 years

The bathing houses stood on the open beach with the great blue sea washing up. A rainbow of colours was splashed on the beach boxes. The smell of salty seawater swirled in the air. The smell of freshly washed towels filled the beach boxes. The call of seabirds filled my ears. The greatest roar of the waves beat against the shore. I felt the wet sand in between my bare toes. As soon as the seabirds saw me, they immediately flew away. – By Greer



The bright, golden sun reflected on the turquoise blue water thrashing and tumbling in the bay while the rocky mountains stood at the end of the crescent shaped beach. The mountains whispered and worried each other nervously, like they have been sneaky and wandering around. All you could hear was the crash and tumbling of the waves. The jewel waves swirled side to side. – By Rhea



The lapis lazuli blue sky made the mountains look like shadows in the sky. Magnificent emerald green grass stood by an ocean of cheerful metallic flowers. The gentle, rolling hills are just a blur in the hazy, distant sky. The hills look like waves in the distance. The gentle wind made the plants dance. – By Linus



The splashing speedy boats rocked and sped under the crystal blue fluffy clouds. They passed the city with lots of tall buildings and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The boats sailed across the shimmering sapphire ocean. The flapping fluttering army of sails flew in the wind. The ropes snapped as the wind changed direction. The big city disappeared into the distance as the boats sailed. The elegant, splashing water sprayed in the wind. – By Mardi



The mild, wispy heat swept across the landscape like a broom and mop sweeping up a huge mess. The wild, crispy rock just stood there whilst the wind blew and the agile, green grass swayed from side to side. I noticed at the corner of my eye a mob of kangaroos elegantly hopping across the plains. I smelt the rancid, ruby red rocks as they all stood up as tall as the sky. I felt the boiling hot weather burn my skin like the hot rays of the sun. I tasted the air as it drifted slowly to my tongue.
I hear the galloping, calling kangaroos as if they’re trying to talk to me. Snakes slithered across the landscape like cheeky churning stowaways. The ruby red, crimson rocks stained my eyesight. – By Jaimie



The whispering, shallow water echoed as the thud of the clambering camels’ charcoal hooves pounded against the crunching sand. The shadowing, pearl clouds shutting off the view of the shivering, lilac sky. Carefully a young, twitchy camel bent down. She peered at her finest reflection and looked the other way.

Below the glittering, misty clouds, there was a distant, vibrant, shimmering, radiation of light coming from the sinking sun. The cursed camel bent down even further and breathed in the smell of seaweed as it tasted the salty, shallow water. She heard the crash of stinging, clear waves. Immediately, the water trickled back from the tide and back into the ocean. – By Olivia


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  1. Dear 3WJ,
    We are 3/4W and we enjoyed reading your descriptive writing pieces. It was very detailed and Daniel’s writing on the sea was amazing and made us feel like we were there!
    How did you all write such descriptive pieces?
    From 3/4W

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