Term 3 News from 3WJ

Term Three News by India and Jaimie

In class, we have a new student, called Fiona. She is from Finland, and she speaks Swedish. She loves gymnastics and chocolate. She is very funny and a great role model for kids who move schools late in the year. It was easy for her to find friends from the day she started. She used to live in Sydney, Australia, and now she has come back to Melbourne. She’s very sporty and loves to try new things.

All of our grade is exited about going to Camp, and we can’t wait to do all the fun activities. We already know who we want to share bunks with, but none of us are excited about the long drive! However, we hope it’s not that long!


Term 3 News by Marianna

What 3WJ is looking forward to:
We are looking forward to camp in September and ACMI in August.

What’s new in class:
We have a new student, called Fiona, and she is from a different country that’s not Australia. She has short blonde hair.

Stuff we’re learning:
Angles and Lines
Reading Nonfiction texts


News by Linus

On Monday, a new student joined our class. Her name is Fiona. She is from the Northern Hemisphere in Finland. She is here in Australia for 1 year. Fiona mainly speaks Swedish, but she learns English.


News from Otto and Jamie

In class, we have been learning about angles. There are 3 types of angles: right angles, obtuse angles, and acute angles.

We have also been reading non-fiction texts and looking for different parts of them. For example, we look at text structures and features.

Finally, we have been observing biographies and looking at what information they contain to add to our own biographies. We have found out that they always have birth date, death date, and job.

In Genius Hour, we come up with a question and find out about it. We figure out if questions are Googleable or Nongoogleable.

We can’t wait to complete all of these activities.


Blog News by Olivia and Tabi

This term we are starting a thing called Genius Hour. It is where we do things related to Google and our interests. We do it every Thursday morning. Last time, we sorted questions into Googleable and Nongoogleable.


We really enjoy doing this because it relates to our interests. Of course we like our interests because they are OUR interests. It’s a great way for us to learn about and use Google. It’s important to think about that kind of stuff so we know how to use it.


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