Line Breaks in Poetry by 3WJ

At the start of our Poetry Unit, we investigated how and where line breaks should fall in a poem. We all had a go writing a short descriptive paragraph (or a really long descriptive sentence) about a dark and scary forest. After a period of writing time, we then went back and revisited our ideas and broke it into a poem format by putting in the line breaks. We experimented with lines of longer and shorter lengths before settling on our poem.


These are some of the first poems we wrote independently.


The Freezing Forest by Daniel

Silence falls over the whole forest,
Wisps of fire crackling at a distance,
The howl of a wolf echoing
Through the ancient trees,
Shadows passing by from the midst of nowhere,
The trees rustling all over the forest,
A cold wind covering the entire forest,
Graves of everyone who came into the forest,
Snow gliding over,
And footsteps coming closer from all around you,
And bloodcurdling screams
Only people who enter
Hear in the starless night,
It is pitch black,
There’s nothing you can see,
No light coming from anywhere.


The Dark Scary Snowy Night by Orla

Snow falling gently,
As soft as a feather.
A howl from a wolf
Growled throughout the forest.
The moonless night
Was dark like a wolf’s pupils.
It was so dark and cold.
I lost my family.
I was tired
So I softly sunk in the snow
As I fell asleep.


A Very Dark and Scary Forest by Isaac

A winters day at this forest,
Which is somewhere but nowhere.
It’s uncontrollable snow formed into
A crystallised
Crop circle
That brushed against
The snow covered trees,
And the trunks of them were black,
Like space and time where nothing happens.


Night Time by Greer

On a dark and stormy night,
I was out in the forest.
There was no one out except me.
It was so windy.
I thought one of the trees might blow over.
I was alone,
Not a sound to be heard
Except for the stirring of the birds.
My backpack getting caught
In the branches all the time
So I ducked so my bag wouldn’t get caught again.


Mine by Silas

Every step I took
There was a crack or creak.
As the snow trickled down the tree.
A wolf pack appeared
In front of me.
As that happened,
The branches looked like skeletons.
The second I looked up
I found the sky clear.
The wolves growled
So I took zero chances
Of getting killed.
My heart beating faster than ever,
I shivered as if I was in Antarctica.
So I ran.


Forest by Rhea

The cold freezing forest
Seemed scarier than ever.
I walked through the forest.
I stared at what looked like a witch
And a bush that looked like a ghost
Trying to eat you.
It was not pleasant.
It looked like the forest
Was trying to kill you
And everything around you.

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