3CW Camp Reflections

I used to think the photo trail wouldn’t be fun.

Now I think it is really fun because you got to see lots of places around the camp.


I used to think that I would be in a cabin with all my friends.

Now I think I that I have made so many better relationships with almost everyone in both classes.

Louis W

I used to think I would not like camp because I had a broken elbow.

Now I think camp was a lot better than I thought even I had a broken elbow because I did a lot of the fun things with my friends.


I used to think that I was bad at archery.

Now I have experienced it, I think I am pretty good.


I used to think the drive would be very bad and boring.

Now I think the bus ride is entertaining seeing all the cars parked under the bridge and listening to Whitney and all her crazy stories of when she was in America.


I used to think the night walk would be bad because I don’t like walking at night.

Now I think the night walk was good because you get to look at lots of different animals in the dark and it was exciting.


I used to think that the meals were not homemade and they would be quite disgusting.

Now I think that the food was so delicious and I always looked forward to meal times.

Lily Flo

I used to think I would hate camp because it would be three days without my iPad.

Now I think it was fun away from my iPad.


I used to think the sandcastle competition would be boring.

Now I think as I helped out with Sand City!!!!!!!!! Which had four islands, it was so fun!





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