3D Objects

3WJ has started back to school in Term 4 by investigating 3D objects. We have used our mathematical vocabulary to categorise objects according to their features and created models and described them using our geometric language.


We used the Construction Thinker’s Key to build a model of a 3D object using 12 toothpicks and 8 joiners, which we used plasticine for.


Here are some of our models and their descriptions:


marianna by Marianna: My rhombus based prism has 8 vertices, 12 edges, and 6 faces. It has a rhombus base.


jamie By Jamie: This 3D object has 7 vertices, 12 edges and 1 apex.


olivia-2 olivia-1 By Olivia: It has two triangle faces, eight vertices and twelve edges. But it does not have any apexes. The base is a pentagon.


david by David: My shape is a triangular based prism.


otto by Otto: My object is a cube. It has 6 faces (all square), 12 edges, 8 vertices, and a square base. It has no curves and does not have an apex.