How to be the Best Third Grade Student

Wise words and advice for future Grade 3 Students from 3WJ:

By Greer

  1. Do thinking that goes a bit beyond the expected grade 3 level ( deep level thinking).
  2. Quietly but quickly sit down on the mat while your teacher is counting down.
  3. Don’t talk while your teacher is.
  4. Don’t do troubling things, for you will get less time in free choice.
  5. Next try to be focused on lessons. Then you will get everything you need to do done.
  6. Listen carefully so you can finish the piece if work you’re doing.
  7. Don’t have a fixed mindset so that you don’t want to do anything. But try again with a growth mindset.
  8. If people are distracting you, just move away. If they follow you, just ignore them.
  9. Don’t play around and be silly in class.
  10. Don’t be exclusive to others. Be nice and inclusive and let them in your game.
  11. Be kind to your teacher and don’t let s/he send you to the office.
  12. Have positive thoughts, not negative ideas and rude comments.


By Linus

  1. When your teacher asks, sit down carefully so you don’t hurt yourself.
  2. Always be quick and try to always finish off your work.
  3. Go to the toilet at break time.
  4. Sit in your chair, so you don’t drop food.
  5. You have to have a piece of fruit at fruit break.
  6. Make sure you finish every thing so you can have free choice.
  7. Don’t treat each other like you are arch enemies.
  8. Don’t always have a fixed mind set instead, try believing that you can do it.
  9. Always bring back your multiplication home work so you earn teacher points.
  10. Last, but not least, be quiet while the teacher speaks.


Ten Ways to be the Best Grade Three Student Possible by Daniel

1. Quietly sit down on the mat while your teacher is counting down.

2. Do your work without rushing and LISTEN to your teacher.

3. Make sure people are behaving beyond the (whatever grade your in) standards.

4. Don’t mess up the timetables to 9:00-10:00 Coding, 10:00-11:00 Coding, 11:00-11:30 Coding, 11:30-1:00 Coding, 1:00-2:00 Coding, and 2:00-3:30 Coding. Even though I do like coding, still don’t.

5. When the teacher isn’t in the classroom, don’t go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as in breaking every thing)

6. Make sure you bring your library books back to the library once you’re done with them.

7. Finish your work before free choice, and DON’T lie to your teacher.

8. make sure other people do their work before they they have free choice

9. Don’t rip up all your assignments before the teacher gets to the classroom.

10. Make sure other people follow these instructions carefully.


By Jamie

  1. Sit down quickly and carefully, so you can get some teacher points.2. Always finish off your work in the time provided.3. Go to the toilet in your own time during snack and lunch.4. At fruit break, make sure you have a piece of fruit.5. Sit at your table while you’re eating lunch.

    6. Don’t have a fixed mindset and think you can’t do it.

    7. If your friend is upset, see if he or she is okay.

    8. Remember all your learning skills.

    9. If a friend needs help, give them help.

    10. Keep your spot tidy.


By India
1. When the teacher tells you to sit down on the mat, you sit down quietly and quickly.
2. Work with other students as a team if you are in groups or partners.
3. Don’t talk while your teacher is talking. Just sit still and put your hand up if you have a question.
4. Try not to get in trouble by listening quietly and thinking deeply.
5. If the teacher tells you to do something, stand up and do it.
6. Try to be on time as often as you can.
7. Don’t play around and be silly in class.
8. At lunch, be sensible, and do not go out the gate or inside the class.
9. Next to pay attention at all times.
10. If there’s a fire practice, do not play around and be silly. Just go to the basketball court.
11. Try your best with all your work.
10 ways to be the Best Third Grade Student by Tabi
1. Go beyond writing for grade three and speaking beyond why you think that and explain your ideas clearly.2. When your teacher says to sit on the mat, you should do it straight away.3. If you lose your trust license, you can not go on your iPad, so try not to by finishing your work.4. When you are in Grade 3, you have to remember to do your class jobs everyday without Whitney telling you.5. When Whitney tells you to be in a two straight lines, always do it.

6. Always be good if you are in Whitney’s class. Get your fruit and sit on the mat.

7. Don’t keep solving the brain teaser because Whitney will have to keep standing on a chair and put up a new one.

8. Don’t talk in class because Whitney will take points off.

9. If you want want a happy teacher, act like that you are not naughty.

10. Always behave in class if you have got Whitney.


By Silas

  1. Firstly, when Whitney tells you to put your stuff away and sit on the mat, quickly but quietly put your stuff away and simply sit down before she starts to count down.
  2.  When Whitney is talking, be quiet and listen very carefully or else you will have no idea what she’s was talking about.
  3.  If someone is distracting you, move away. If they come back, just ignore them.
  4.  When you’re in class, don’t ask Whitney to go to the toilet when you should have been at snack and lunch.
  5.  When it’s free choice, don’t just go on to free choice. Check if you have anything to finish off.
  6. If your teacher says do your work, don’t say, “I quit,” or “No.” Have a growth mindset.
  7.  When Whitney asks, “Is this your best work,” don’t lie. Tell the truth.
  8.  When you’re at specialists, still be on your best behaviour.
  9.  When you are finished, go get a book or write a story.
  10. Always remember to do your class jobs.


10 Ways to be the Best Third Grade Student Possible by Rhea

  1. When your teacher asks you to sit down, you need to sit down.
  2. Listen to your teacher when she asks you to do your work and do not backtalk.
  3. Never ever hit, punch or kick in class or Whitney will get angry.
  4. If you do something like solve the brain teaser, it will give the whole class a teacher point. When we get 100 teacher points, we get to do something of your choice.
  5. We have class jobs, so we all have a responsibility to help the class because then we don’t fight over jobs.
  6. If you do something silly, you will get a strike. If you lose 3, you aren’t allowed on the iPad until you do something good for the class.
  7. A growth mindset is when you are told to do work you don’t want to do, you don’t scream and shout. Instead, we try our best.
  8.  When we come in, do not jump up and down and lie on the floor. Instead sit down quietly or silent read.
  9. Try to be quiet as a mouse or your teacher will take free choice time off you.
  10. Try to be kind to your classmates and teacher.