When Third Graders Rule the World

As a conclusion to all our persuasive writing efforts, 3WJ was asked to consider a law or rule they would like to create. They drafted their texts in an effort to convince others to agree with their beliefs on how the wold we live in should be governed. When Third Graders rule the world, these are the kinds of things we have to look forward to:


No Swearing at Children by Tabi
Bad, rude and terrifying. You should agree that grown ups should never swear in front of kids at school and home (or anywhere).

It is not ok to swear. You are producing a bad model for children. If your children hear you swear, they will also do so as adults. Swearing is very rude.

You do not swear in front of people in your community or society. It is bad enough to swear in front adults. Even worse, security do it. So why do human beings swear at young kids?

Children should be kept away from access and exposure to swearing.They should also not be in places where they could overhear bad language. Children should not hear people swear. It is BAD, BAD, BAD!!!

Surely now you will agree that it should be forbidden to swear in front of children.


Refugees by Rhea

Did you know what happens to the refugees? They are stuck in a house on an island far away. That is cruel. I believe refugees should not go to detention centres.

If we let the refugees in straight away, the people who look after the refugees don’t have to sail miles to give them food and water which they desperately need. It would be much less stressful.

We should treat them like we get treated. How would you feel if you were stuck in your house and never allowed out?… Horrible. The golden rule is to treat people like you want to be treated. When refugees are not treated the right way, it is not the gold rule.

The refugee families are split up, and that’s not right. Dads are away from the kids. It just makes everything sad and lonely.

People of Australia, most of us came as immigrants to this country. Let’s remember how hard it is to find a new home. Surely now you will never put another person in a detention centre.


Enter Australia Freely by Otto

Do you know what happens to asylum seekers when they enter Australia? They get put in a detention centre, which is like a prison for asylum seekers. Did you know only 15% of asylum seekers get away? This is why I believe Asylum seekers should enter Australia freely!

As I mentioned earlier, when asylum seekers enter Australia, they get put in a detention centre. A detention centre is prison which asylum seekers get put in just for trying to enter Australia. The problem with the detention centre is that it is not a quarter as good as a normal house. The beds are bad. The food is bad. EVERYTHING is BAD!

Another reason is that asylum seekers almost always come to Australia because their country/continent is having a war/battle. In addition, they might be hurt or sick. Going to a place with bad food and no medical treatment won’t help.

My final reason is that when asylum seekers go to a detention centre, they get separated from their children! This is bad because: 1. The kids won’t know what to do without their parents and 2. The parents will get worried about the kids and the kids will get worried about the parents. That will make the parents and the kids sad. Sometimes, the cells aren’t even near each other!

Surely now you believe asylum seekers should enter Australia freely! If we work together, we can stop asylum seekers being put in detention centres!


Age Limits in Pubs by Jayden and Silas

7 out of 9 people say there should limits at pubs for how old you have to be before you can do anything there. I surely believe that we should demand limits for kids going into pubs.

Pubs are full of adults swearing. If kids are around, they might overhear and pick up bad language. A recent survey found 85% of pubs have swearing in them.

Kids might also find stuff they can not have. Things like wine and beer are not okay for kids and are easily found in pubs. If someone was smoking, kids could pickup a cigarette and get very sick or ill.

Crowded pubs could cause kids to get hurt. For example, they could be bumped or pushed. Sometimes there are fights, and kids might be in the way.

Join us to keep kids safe and out of trouble. Surely now you believe there should be an age limits on bars.


Equality for Women by Marianna

Have you ever noticed that when you are out at a shopping centre and you want to buy clothes that a girls leggings cost more? That is totally unfair. Well I’m here to change that. I strongly believe that women should be treated equally.

Women have the same rights as men. They should not have to pay more. For example , men’s tops cost $30.00 and women’s tops cost $35.00. Fair? I think not. In addition, 86% of mothers are feeling stressed out that they can’t just pay the same money as men do for similar products.

Men are not higher or greater than women… And we are all human beings!!!
If everyone enjoys the same rights, we can treat each other with respect.

My last reason is that some women actually do better jobs than men. For example, you men mostly do jobs on computers. I know a company that only 1 woman participates in. So what! Women can do that to, and they would do better work. Women are in the army doing nursing and saving men’s lives! Women are more organised than men and are better at looking after children.

Now surely you agree with me that we are all equal. People of the world, lets work together and have respect to women.


Stop Robbers by Orla

Did you know that 50 out of 100 houses have been robbed before? So that’s why I strongly believe people should NOT steal stuff from other peoples’ houses.

Some people don’t have insurance and have to pay for everything that got stolen. If you get robbed, call the police straight away because the police can catch them. If people rob stuff, they will become a little mean.

Would you like it if you went to jail? Probably no! So don’t do it. You will make other people upset if you steal things, and that’s just mean.

Stealing just comes with discomfort. You would feel annoyed if someone has stolen something that belongs to you.

Thank you for reading this. Surely now you believe that people should not steal stuff from other peoples’ houses.

2 Digit Multiplication

Multiplication leads 3WJ to Amazing Strategies by Otto

3WJ is working on multiplication. We are using methods like Lattice and Split Strategy, and our Blast Off is helping us memorise our times tables.
Split Strategy helps us to do 2 digit by 1 digit math problems easily and quickly. Lattice Method helps us to do very hard math problems very quickly and easily. The bonus is that Split Strategy and Lattice Method are fun!

Methods we use in 3WJ Multiplication by Daniel

3WJ has been working on multiplication. We have been using strategies, for instance Lattice Method, Repeated Addition and Partitioning. We have been using these methods for about a term or so. Our teacher has been teaching us, so we’re pretty good at it.

Lattice Method Multiplication by India

3WJ has been working with Lattice Method, and they love it!
Some of us have even done a 10 by 10 we love it so much.
It’s so much fun, and it is also so easy to do. We all love it
and hope you do too.


Here are some of the Headlines we came up with to summarise our experiences with multiplication:

1 Digit and 2 Digit Factors Lead to 2 Digit and 3 Digit Products – Otto

Lattice Method: An easier and simpler way to multiply factors – Marianna

Partition Your Tens and Ones and Multiply by 1 Digit – Isaac


We also created posters in PicCollage explaining how to use our favourite strategy for multiplication. If you don’t know how to use the Lattice Method, you can learn here:


by India


by Linus


by Greer

We really recommend it!


CHPS Sports Day 2016

3SD’s Sports Blog

On Tuesday the 26th of April, Grades Prep- 3 students participated in Sports Day. It was held at Collingwood Athletics Track and we traveled there by bus. We were split up into countries such as: Australia, New Zealand, Greece and more. I was on Italy’s team with Adam and Aydin.

On the day there were 15 activities being held such as: 80m sprint, 400 m sprint, hurdeles, the Vortex throw, Rubber chicken throw, long jump, bean bag throw (where you have to get the bean bags into hoops), Frisbee throw (where you have to throw a Frisbee into hoops), a sack race, a target throw and coits.

At the end of the day, we did a march and sat down with our countries to find out that China won the day!!! They all received a water bottle. Then we went back on the bus. The day was great fun and all the Prep-Grade 3 students loved it.

By Josh

Sports Day

On Tuesday April 26th, Grades Prep-3 went to Collingwood Athletics Track all day for Sports Day. We were all set into groups. I was in Tanzania with Lola and Alice. Our team wore the colours green, black and blue and our leader was Sarah Ryan who teaches Grade 2.

The first thing our group did was the egg and spoon race and then we went to the other activities in order. Lunch was at 12:30. I had pasta.

Lastly, Tanzania did the 400 m race and I came in 2nd. There were no 1st, 2nd or 3rd ribbons.

Tanzania ended with 1008 points but China won.

By Jaime

Sports Day

The Day:

On April the 26th, Grades Prep- 3 went to the Collingwood Athletics track. We competed in activities. We were put into teams named after countries. Mine was Ireland and our leader was Mali. She took us to each station. There were fifteen activities.

Getting Prepared:

When we got ready, we were dressed (mostly) all in GREEN ( I wasn’t). We had lots of fun. My favourite activity was the hurdles! I could jump over them quickly and it was fun!!!

By Naomi

My Sports Day

On Tuesday April 26th, we went to the Collingwood Athletic Center to do sport for the whole day. We did 15 events such as the 80 metre sprint, 400 metre run, coits, Vortex throw, long jump and many more. We did about 8 events and then we had lunch. After that, we did the last 7 events and then they announced the scores of the top three teams. They were Sweden, Argentina and then China came first. It was a fun day for everyone.

By Robbie

Sports Day

On the 26th of April 2016, Grades Prep to 3 had a traditional sports day at the Collingwood Athletics Track (Harrier Oval). There were 15 activities that we had to do. There was an 80 metre sprint, a chook throw, 400 metre sprint, up and over race, a beanbag throw and many more! It was a really fun day for all the kids and a great experience for them too. There were loads of different countries. Every kid had a country and at the end of the Sports Day, Mrs Kassis announced the top three winners. To win the day, you had to earn the most points!

By Liliana


Last Friday we went to the multipurpose room because we had an incursion about resilience.

The guy’s name was Hugh but he called himself ✋‘Huge’!

He talked about how to be happy and being grateful for what you have. He told us some funny stories. He also talked about the people who live in India. In India, lots of the kids that go to school don’t have a house or a family. They feel very, very happy though. This made us feel grateful.

The stories he told us were actually pretty funny. He said that lots of kids are called Stunzen so he had to say ‘Don’t do that Stunzen’ ‘ Good boy Stunzen’ ‘It’s a nice day isn’t it Stunzen?’. One day he met a kid that wasn’t called Stunzen. He was called BIG BOSS. Every lunch time the kids ate rice. I actually like rice so I think that would be quite yummy. They had to walk for four hours to get water and then boil it before they could drink it.

If I lived in India I would miss my dog. Jason would miss his Dad. I’m pretty happy in my life. Things that make me happy are spiders, looking at them in the garden and picking them up. Sometimes I have happy tears just looking at them. Sometimes when Jason is sad he grabs his toy turtle called Turty and cuddles him until he feels better.

by Sol and Jason

Colour, Symbol, Image Thinking Routine to summarise our big ideas 


Organising our ideas using Hexagonal Thinking by Lola

On Wednesday we did a  hexagonal thinking tasks the help organised our ideas. We brainstormed the  information and wrote down key words on the hexagons. Then organised them by joining the sides together to link our ideas.

RH Hex Thinking

4 C’s Thinking Routine

At school, we did a thinking routine about the Resilience Project. We had a piece of paper with 4 boxes labeled connections, challenge, concepts and changes. In the connection box we had to write how we connected to the talk and our own lives. In the challenge box we had to write what we wanted to challenge or argue. In the concept box we had to write what we thought the key concepts were from the talk. In the changes box we had to write how our thinking has changed since the talk. We really enjoyed this task because it made our brains work hard.

By Audrey and Anastasia


3WJ The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

As Term 1 wrapped up, we put our persuasive writing to the test and held a trial. Everyone knows the story of the Three Little Pigs, but we read a text with a different perspective and practiced our convincing arguments.


Jury Members

by Marianna

In 3WJ, our class did a trial for the True Story Of The Three Little Pigs. First we read the book, and then as a table group, we put sticky notes on a piece of paper that shows ideas of how the wolf is innocent or guilty . After we were put into 3 groups: Guilty lawyers , Innocent lawyers and Jury. I was a jury member. I was with: Greer, Otto, Tabitha and David.

All of us made a rubric to tick off if they used interesting persuading techniques. On Tuesday, our class did the real thing and had the actual trial. As a jury member, we all together decided that the guilty side won the trial. We made that answer because they put a lot of persuading technique in their text!


The Trial of the Wolf

by David
On Tuesday in 3WJ, I was a jury member and wrote a rubric about what the Lawyers said.
I listened to the argument to decide if the Wolf was innocent or guilty. We decided he was guilty.


The Trial of the True Story of the Three Little Pigs

by Jaimie

In class we read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and we had a Visual Tug of War where we had to make notes about if the wolf was innocent or guilty. Then we were split into 3 groups of either jury members, prosecutors or defence lawyers and had a look at our side of the Tug of War. After that, we split the side into three reasons and wrote a persuasive text about the best ideas that would get the wolf out of the situation or get him sent to jail. I was on the prosecution side, therefore I wanted the wolf to go to jail.

Finally the jury members would decide which were the best ideas of whether the wolf is innocent or guilty. At the end of the trial, the jurors made their decision of guilty. The wolf will go to jail!


The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

by Mardi
Before we started the trial, we read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Then we went to our tables and wrote down on sticky notes all the reasons for the Big Bad Wolf being innocent and guilty. After we wrote one, we would stick them on the guilty side if it was saying that the wolf was guilty. If we were complaining that the wolf is innocent, we would put it on the innocent side.

Preparing for the trial:
When we started the trial, we were put into groups: the guilty lawyers, the innocent lawyers and jury members. I was in the guilty group with Jaimie, Rhea, Daniel and Linus. After we were put into groups, we got all the sticky notes from the guilty side of the sheet and grouped them as reasons. We wrote down on a sheet three reasons and six examples, and we chose a paragraph and wrote it on our iPads.

The trial:
When we started the trial, the innocent side read their persuasive text first, then we did.The jury went outside to discuss who won. It turned out that my team won.



by Olivia
On Tuesday, we had a trial of the Three Little Pigs. We had started it late last week. First, we read the book The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs. Then to make a Visual Tug of War, we took information from the book, and together as a table, we came up with reasons for why the wolf could be either guilty or innocent.

The next day we got put into groups. I was on the the lawyers of the innocent team. We took the reasons from the Visual Tug of War (reasons on the innocent side, of course) and separated them into individual groups that relate to each other.

We chose our best three reasons and planned the persuasive text. Each reason would be a whole paragraph – each paragraph had one main reason and a few examples. Also the introduction had a hook and opinion, and the conclusion had the same. Then each person got a paragraph and typed it down on their iPad.

Finally on Tuesday, each team of lawyers read their persuasive text out. The jury had a discussion, and the decision was made. Sadly the guilty side won!


The Trial of the Wolf Summary

by Isaac
We wrote real reasons why the wolf was guilty or innocent on sticky notes and put them on the board for the Visual Tug of War. Then we got sorted into groups of innocent and guilty or a jury member. If you were a lawyer of innocent or guilty, you had to sort the statements into groups of the reasons that are similar.

After that, we could choose the reaons that are powerful and put them on the planning document. Then we could choose one to write on our own I-pad and read it to jury. After the 2 sides have read their persuasive arguments, the jury will decide whether the innocent or the guilty side won the argument.

2D Shapes By 3CW

Programming the Sphero by Freddie and Rufus

In Mathematics we have been learning about 2D shape. We used a Sphero which is a robotic ball to make shapes. We programmed it using an app called Blockly. Kate gave us the challenge to program it so that it made a square. We knew that a square has four equal sides and angles which are all 90 degrees. Here is our algorithm.

square code

Shapes in the Real World by Lily Flo

In class we had to pick five shapes and then research where you can find them in nature and man-made objects. We had to label their properties and make a poster. We used our iPads and did some App Smashing! This means we used several apps together to make a project. First, we used Chrome to find the images on the internet, then we cropped them using the camera app and labelled them using Book Creator. Finally, we brought it all together in Pic College and added the title and our name.

real world


Bee Bots by Cecily

This term we got  the opportunity to use the Bee Bots. A Bee Bot is a robotic bee that you can program using an algorithm. A group was chosen the program it into a square. You had to think of some directions to make the square and if it didn’t work you had to problem solve to come up with a solution. Here is my algorithm.

Bee Bot

Polygons by Audrey

In class we have been drawing polygons that were all 8cm squared. First we counted 8 squares. Then we used a ruler to draw the shapes. Finally, we had to write the name of the shape. I learnt that a shape can look different but it is still, for example, an octagon it just means it is irregular.




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